Scholar In Residence

Hanoch Teller

Hanoch Teller Portrait

Rabbi Hanoch Teller is a globe-trotting modern-day maggid (storyteller of yore) renowned as the King of the Storytellers and the Shakespeare of the Yeshivah World. He has lectured before audiences on five continents, in 40 American States and 24 other countries, delivering a precious and inspiring message that is cherished for a lifetime.

His presentations – imbued with joy and drama, laughter and pathos — provide a one-of-a-kind experience for listeners young and old from all across the spectrum. The classes he teaches in numerous Jerusalem educational institutions are in great demand.

The aptly-named, award winning storyteller and master teacher is also a prolific author, whose critically-acclaimed books (28, at last count) have sold over a quarter-of-a-million copies world-wide, and are translated into five languages. He has also written and produced two popular documentaries: Do You Believe in Miracles? and Reb Elimelech and the Chassidic Legacy of Brotherhood that have been screened and televised the world-over. His wide array of audio lectures on spiritual giants, the lessons of the Holocaust and the birth of the modern city of Bene Brak and various other subjects, have been hailed as “audio and pedagogic classics.”

For decades, Hanoch Teller has been a senior docent at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. His sweeping knowledge and sensitivity help to transform the infinite banality of horror into an intensely personal encounter that participants declare life-changing and unforgettable.

Born in Vienna and raised and educated in America, Hanoch Teller displayed his passion for scholarship early on, when he was the only high-school student in New England selected to serve on the Governors’ Council of Education. He continues to study in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he lives with his wife, Aidel, and their children and grandchildren.

Rabbi Bamberger

Rabbi Bemberger Portrait

Rabbi Moshe Bamberger is a sought after presenter. He is the Mashgiach Ruchani of Beis Medrash. He is L'Talmud / Lander College for Men in New York City. He has authored seven highly acclaimed books. Published by Artscroll / Mesorah Publications. Including his newest work: Great Jewish Classics. Rabbi Bamberger has presented at OU Torah. He has a weekly page in Hamodia's Inyan Magazine. His hundreds of online lectures have an international following.

Rabbi Krohn

Rabbi Krohn Portrait

Rabbi Paysach Krohn is an international scholar, writer and lecturer. He presents on topics related to ethics and spiritual growth. Bestselling “Maggid” series of books for: ArtScroll. He is inspired by Rabbi Sholom Schwadron, “Maggid of Jerusalem.“ In December 2004 Krohn launched PaL (Phone and Learn) in U.K. Youngest mohel ever certified by the Brith Milah Board of New York.

Rabbi Yaakov Krieger

Rabbi Yaakov Krieger comes from an All-American family. His father was a two-time Olympian and his mother was a model, actress and singer - but they traded it all for their love of Torah. Rabbi Krieger was educated in Chassidish, Litvish and Modern Orthodox Yeshivos, giving him the unique ability to relate to different sects of Jews. He holds a B.A. from Hebrew Theological College in Skokie Illinois and Semicha (Rabbinical Ordination) from the Jewish Leadership Institute in Miami, Florida. Currently, Rabbi Krieger is the director of the Online Torah Center, teaching Torah in a Unique way. With his dynamic oratory ability, he is sure to captivate and uplift your Pesach experience.

Cantor Asher Scharf

Cantor Asher Shcarf Portrait

Cantor Asher Scharf is a world renowned cantor, having served and conducted services in congregations in the U.S.A. and across the globe. He possesses a rich dramatic tenor voice with great range, beauty and projections. Cantor Scharf is a graduate of Cantorial Council of America and studied in Yeshiva Kedushat Zion, Israel and Mesifta Eitz Chaim, Brooklyn, NY. Cantor Scharf is a composer of contemporary Jewish music “Chassidic style “ as well as Cantorial compositions. He has recorded 4 albums titled, “Kavey“, “Show is the light”, and Cantorial and Yiddish Favorites” and his newest “Hashomer Shabbos” containing his own compositions as well as others. They were well received by the critics and lovers of jewish music and were played on jewish radio stations all across the U.S.A. and Israel.

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