COR logo - Pesach 2019 is Kosher


COR logo - Pesach 2019 is Kosher


The Supervision: The Kashruth Council of Canada, is Canada's largest kosher certifier and a leader in the global kosher industry. COR certifies approximately 70,000 products at over 1000 facilities across Canada and around the world..

Niagara Mariotte USA - Poolside

Special Guest Privileges:

You - our chosen guest - will savour the flavours of an exquisite fine dining experience.

Top Food Choices

Delight your palate, with the most delectable aged cuts of prime rib, English rib,steak, lamb, veal, duck and much more. Children’s early meals & dinner are available daily.

Included Features:

Royal BBQ’s during Chol Hamoed, which includes a premium selection of high quality meats. You will love our famous Deli Night that offers an authentic montreal smoked meat station(s). We will feature our internationally renowned charcuterie and paté de foie.

Wine Selection

We pride ourselves in making sure that all allergies are catered to. We will showcase a vast selection of Mevushal Wines & Kosher for Passover spirits. Hand & machine Shmura Matzah available.

Tea Room

Scrumptious pastries, delectable chocolates, candy bar & fresh fruit platters. We will also feature a smoothie bar, slushy station & ice cream station. Enjoy a grand selection of your favorite ice cream toppings.

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+1 (888) 344-9274

Glass of veggies and dip for Pesach 2019
Fancy, great tasting Kosher burger
Cooked to perfection, lamb chops
World Class Pesach Vacation - Cooking Steak, mushrooms and veggies
Pesach Getaways - Gorgous grilled chicken - kosher
World Class Pesach Vacation - Delicious Steak
World Class Pesach Vacation - Delicious Lamb
World Class Pesach Vacation - Delicious Tomahawk

Although we are not a nut free program, we will also have a selection of beautiful nut free desserts.

Pesach Dessert Candy Station
Dessert for Pesach 2019 marang
Delicious chocolate beverage
Smoothies for Pesach 2019